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2017-18 Season Age Matrix”.

U.S. Soccer mandated that all youth soccer organizations adopt “calendar/birth year” play, field size and player number changes by 2017 and recommended they be implemented in 2016.

SSA teams play competitively for either CCSL or NorCal Premier League, both of which opted to implement the US Soccer mandate in 2016.  Therefore, SSA implemented the mandated change at the beginning of the Fall 2016 season.

A brief recap of the mandated Calendar/Birth year change and weblink for more detailed info:

US Soccer Birth year mandate

Simply put, players will play with players having the same birth year.
Your daughter/son, born 2/8/2005 will be on a team of players born in 2005. We could call this a 2005 team or may have called it U13 team, but it is probably best described as a “13 and under” team.

For many parents, the birth year change is confusing. The question we hear most frequently is, “Born 2/8/2005, my player is going to be 12 this year, so why is he/she playing on a team called 13 and under?”

US SOOCER has elected to base team age group classifications using the following formula:                                                                                                             player pass expiration year – birth year = age group classification.
Your player’s Fall 2017 player pass will be issued Aug 1, 2017 for the Fall season and will expire 7/31/2018.

Taking the expiration year (2018) less the birth year (2005), US Soccer came up with what they called “13 and under” as players on the team will be 13 or under when the player pass expires.
Simply put, 2018-2005 = “13” and 2/8/2005 birth player will hit 13 yrs old within the window of the 2017-2018 player pass. “And UNDER” accounts for any other younger player on the same team.

Locate the year of the player’s birth.

The matrix shows the appropriate 2017 – 2018 age group for that birth year.

Age Group Birth Year # Per side
9 and under 2009 7v7
10 and under 2008 7v7
11 and under 2007 9v9
12 and under 2006 9v9
13 and under 2005 11v11
14 and under 2004 11v11
15 and under 2003 11v11
16 and under 2002 11v11
17 and under 2001 11v11
18 / 19 and under 2000 11v11

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