Teams - Sacramento Soccer Alliance


SSA has 25 total teams from the Bronze to Premier levels, ranging in age from nine through eighteen.

Team NameLevelAgeGender
Flash (05B) Bronze18Male
Jedi (06B) Silver17Male
Heat (06G) Gold17Female
Screaming Eagles (07B) Premier16Male
Monarchs (07G) Bronze16Female
Elite (08B) Silver15Male
Synergy (08B) Silver15Male
Flair (08G) Bronze15Female
Spirit (08G) Gold15Female
Renegades (09B) Gold14Male
Rebels (09G) Silver14Female
Hurricanes (10B) Bronze13Male
Lightning Boltz (10B) Premier13Male
Black Mambas (10G) Bronze13Female
Knights (11B) Gold12Male
Fusion (11G) Bronze12Female
Raptors (12B) Bronze11Male
Cobras (12B) Silver11Male
Blue (12G) Silver11Female
Persisters (12G) Bronze11Female
Storm Blue (13B) Bronze10Male
Storm White (13B) Bronze10Male
Roadrunners (13G) Bronze10Female
Thunder (13G) Bronze10Female
Galaxy (14B) Bronze9Male
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