SSA Uniforms

Please make sure you read and understand the SSA Team Uniform Policy and By Laws on uniforms found here. We have provided a brief review below.

  • All players must only wear SSA approved uniform kits (jerseys, shorts, and socks) at any and all sanctioned events (ie seeding games, league games, tournament games, etc).  Friendly scrimmages and events such as “Halloween Season” tournaments do not apply to this policy as long as apparel is considered safe and appropriate by FIFA / CYSA / US Club policies.
  • The uniform colors of this Program shall be sky blue and white. The primary uniform worn when representing SSA shall be white (or blue) pants and sky blue jerseys.  The alternative uniform when representing SSA shall be white pants and white shirt.
  • Uniforms shall be chosen by the Board of Directors. Any alternate uniform used by a SSA team must be approved by the Board of Directors or its designee.
  • Regular or alternate uniforms will have no name or logo other than an approved SSA and/or manufacturer’s logo unless approved by the Board of Directors.

From time to time, SSA is required to change its uniform because the old uniform goes out of production.  The 2018 SSA Nike Uniform Kit is changing this season and we have provided images below for reference. The price for the new kit is $120

Please review the tabs below for more information on what the uniforms look like and how to order. When you are ready to place your order please download the order form below. Thank you.

  • SSA Uniform Order Form (coming soon)

The below pictures show the optional blue short used for the home kit & both blue and white shorts having the players number. Players are also required to have an SSA sky blue training top. This ensures teams look uniform and represent the SSA Program in a consistent manner when training. 

To streamline communication and speed up the process, it’s important the TEAM MANAGER is the point person for follow up, not each players parent.

Team Managers should:

  • Work with the team coach and/or parents to determine the Uniform Kit the team will run for the season (see SSA Bylaws 2:06:01). 
  • Build complete roster of all players on the team which includes player jersey numbers
  • Coordinate “team fittings” and ordering with Kombat. They will want a complete copy of your team roster so that each player on your team receives the package you chose. Your roster can be emailed to Kombat at:
  • Contact player families and let them know the next step for your team
  • Let parents know, uniform payment is due at the time when the order is placed. Kombat accepts cash, credit, debit and checks (there will be a fee of $25.00 for any NSF check)
  • If a returning player needs additional items, you can place the order over the phone or via

It’s important Team managers work with Kombat based each teams needs. You can contact Kombat directly at:

  1. Kombat schedules “team fittings”, making sure they have the staff resources to handle your teams needs.
  2. If the majority of your team is returning, Kombat may elect to just have a small group at once OR fit individual players as needed.  It’s still important there is communication with Kombat, so your player(s) do not arrive at the store when other team(s) are there doing fittings and using the dressing rooms.
  3. SSA players can be fitted “offsite”, if the team or team manager wishes to coordinate fittings on their own.

Current lead time for uniforms is 4-5 weeks.  Once your order is placed, your contact for delivery or estimated time of completion is, Kombat Soccer  email:

Please do not contact the store, as they are not involved with club and team uniform preparation/distribution.

Thank you.