2017 FALL season Registration

Please read this page in it’s entirety.  “2017 Fall season” = 8/1/2017 – 7/31/2018


Key Links and Forms

To comply with CA Assembly Bill 2007 and League requirements, ALL parents are REQUIRED to print, read and sign the CDC information regarding concussions.  Parents should returned the signed copy of the PARENT form to their team manager.  A link is also available for players, so coaches and parents can have open discussions about concussions with their player(s).

CDC concussion form FOR PARENTS: http://calnorth.org/app/uploads/2017/02/Parents-Concussion.pdf

CDC concussion form for players: http://calnorth.org/app/uploads/2017/02/Athletes-Concussion.pdf


League Forms
Players League Membership & Medical Release Forms:
CYSA – CCSL/Cal North Players Only
US Club – NorCal Premier Players Only

Registration Links for Got Soccer

Player Registration
Coach Registration
Manager Registration

US Soccer 2017-18 REGISTRATION & BACKGROUND CHECK (for Nor Cal Coaches & Mngr only)

US Soccer Sideline Sports Required Course for new background check applicants (Nor Cal only)

Got SoccerSSA’s online registration partner is Got Soccer.
Coach & Team Registration
Coaches do the main portion of their registration directly with our registrars. Coaches, assistant coaches and managers need to create a Got Soccer account by registering here. SSA will associate coaches, assistants and managers to the proper teams after registration. This is mandatory and required for the registrars to register the team with the leagues. Coaches benefit because the Got Soccer system will allow you to manage and communicate with your team. SSA will be developing instructions for the communication tools shortly. Until then, feel free to play around with the system.

Registration Looks Like This

  • Turn in your rosters to your league registrar (Jean for CCSL, Jayme for NCP & you can contact them here ).
  • Wait for your players to register
  • Log in to Got Soccer and edit your rosters.

Player Registration

Registration is for ROSTERED Players Only – i.e. players that have already attended a tryout and have ACCEPTED an offer to play for an SSA team.

NOTE: Register your child as if they are playing in LAST fall’s season. Got Soccer will automatically make the change on 8/1/2017.

Player Fees – 2017 registration fees are $275 for age groups playing 9U-14U in the Fall if paid by check and $285 if paid by credit card on-line.  $250 for age groups playing U15+ in the Fall if paid by check, $260 if paid online by credit card. Check payments go to your team manager and should be made out to Sacramento Soccer Alliance.  He/She will package them up together and submit all at once to the treasurer. Please take care of check payments at your next practice.

Player Medical Release Forms – For insurance purposes, these need to be completed each year by all players.  Parents need to download, complete and sign either US Club form or CYSA form. Give this to your Team Manager. The Manager must submit all forms to appropriate Registrar depending on league team is playing in. USClub (NorCal Premier) requires one copy. CYSA (CCSL) requires two copies.

Coach Packet – Coaches or Managers need to submit a Roster List with their team packet consisting of paper forms and checks for registration fees.  The Roster List should include a record of all players and their payment status.

Online – Register at Got Soccer. You will need to create a log in. If you are registering more than one player, choose Family log in, otherwise choose Individual. Registration is pretty straight forward, but here are some tips:

Child already in system – If Got Soccer tells you your child is already in the system, but you don’t have the required passwords, register your child as a new player. SSA can merge the player accounts so all history is maintained.

Account type – In the first registration screen, there is a pop up that can have the default set at Coach. This must be changed to Player.

Date of birth – Be sure to use a four digit year (mm/dd/yyyy).

One confusing area when you go back to log into the account, is the “GotSoccer Universal Account”. This allows someone with multiple accounts to link them together.

For most of us that are not coaches, this isn’t that helpful. To log back into the player account, do the following:
– go to Got Soccer
– click the User login button in the top right header
– on the login page, scroll down to the Players & Families area of the section on the right side & click log in.


A player photo is required for all players before player passes can be printed. We need an digital photo (.jpg) uploaded to your player’s Got Soccer account. Uploading the photo is pretty easy once you’ve registered a player.

Upload a photo to the Got Soccer player profile.
Take note of the user ID and password associated with your child’s player account during registration. Following registration, log back into GotSoccer using the player ID. Upload a photo under the “My Profile” tab. Note this photo must be passport style – headshot only, no caps or sunglasses. Photos of three kids at the Christmas tree won’t work.  The players photo should be saved in a file size less than 2.0MB and labeled with the last name, something like: wwonka.jpg.  We are not asking you to be a photo editor, but we are asking you to help the volunteers that make soccer possible for your child.

Another option – Contact us for help.
If you don’t have a photo, or are having problems, just click here to jump to Contact Us form on this website and we will help you by either taking the photo or editing yours.

Birth Certificate

Birth Cert
Birth certificates are only required for players that did not play for SSA last year OR are playing on a NorCal Premier team for the first time.

If this applies to you, the certificate needs to be scanned and uploaded to the Got Soccer player account under My Profile -> Club Documents using the access instructions under Photo instructions on this page.  Again, a reminder to label your scanned file with player name, something like: wwonkabirthcer.jpg.

The cool thing about this is that the document is secure. Only the SSA registration team can view or download the Birth Certificate.

Again, if you are having problems just click here to jump to Contact Us form on this website.