Game & Scheduling Information

Below is important information on game scheduling, referee information, field net and flag rules and requirements for reporting match scores. Should you have any questions on the enclosed, please feel free to reach out to the Director of Coaching. Thank you.

SSA reserves the right to reschedule any/all of your games and will do the best we can to accommodate your requests for game times and dates. You can view the full game schedule by clicking here. Thanks for your patience and consideration of other teams and referee needs.


Nor Cal home games are scheduled by the club’s game scheduler Jody Hashigami-Contreras, hashigami@SacCounty.Net

Scheduling Rules Include:

  • Know your field schedule – It is your responsibility to check all game schedules at your assigned field before requesting to reschedule games, to coordinate rescheduling with Jody FIRST and to check with the opposing team BEFORE finalizing.
  • Weekend Schedule Lock – It’s VERY important all schedule changes are made in the appropriate system within a specific window of time.  MANY factors outside of your team, your parents and your players needed to be considered and fall into place for a match to be properly rescheduled.   In order to allow ample time for all involved parties to be coordinated, we ask that ANY team REQUESTING a reschedule of a home match, contact Jody Hashimi-Contreras FIRST!
  • Requests for rescheduling should begin at a minimum, no less than 7 DAYS in ADVANCE of the initially scheduled/published game date.  This means change requests must be submitted no later than Friday 12:00pm the Friday BEFORE the following weekend matches.  Example:  request for changes for 9/10/16 and 9/11/16 weekend are due 9/2/16 noon.
  • Please do not contact the referee assigners to reschedule games. Contact Jody Hashimi-Contreras FIRST!
  • If you do not receive confirmation that your game has been rescheduled from Jody, then your match has not been rescheduled and will take place at the originally scheduled time.
  • As a reminder, communication with the opposing team should be done via the “GotSoccer Chat” feature.  You will find this creates a convenient ‘log’ of your communication efforts, viewable by the supporting League you are playing for.

Our referee assignor is Moe Shafai. Please contact Moe immediately at his direct number (916) 205-9687 if there is an official no show for an SSA home match.  You can also contact the DOC at  if there is a match day issue.

Coaches or Managers are encouraged to provide feedback to SSA if there is an officiating issue before, during or after the match.  This year we have created our own internal form.  It is quick and easy and we encourage feedback.

8U-10U matches will have a 1 referee system

12U-19U HOME matches will have a (3) referee system – 1 center ref and (2) AR’s

It’s important to note that a 3 referee system IS NOT NECESSARILY ALWAYS REQUIRED.  SSA has elected to incur the added expense of a 3 referee system in the hope that this increases the quality of match play for our teams.  During AWAY matches, you may only have (1) referee and this IS compliant to the regulations for all age groups as long as the match has (1) center referee. The use of (2) referee’s DOES NOT comply with the rules and regulations of play.

It is mandatory that all coaches follow the net pickup and drop off procedures. Other SSA teams are negatively impacted when any team doesn’t follow the procedures.

There will be a clipboard at the pickup and drop off location with a form to sign in and out nets and flags.  Each coach must fill out the form completely and legibly print:  date, coach name, phone number, team name, field and comments on the form.   If you find pieces missing or broken, please mark that on the sign in/out sheet in the comment section so we can address timely and correct before the next team’s use.


The coach who has the first game of the day is responsible for picking up nets and flags Friday night or early Saturday morning and setting them up for their game and leaving them for games throughout the day.  Each coach needs to make sure all net equipment and flags are accounted for during setup.  If your game is the only game of the day, the coach is responsible for net pickup, setup, take down and drop off.


The coach who has the last game of the day is responsible for taking down the nets and flags and returning them to the drop off location.  Nets must be returned after the last game on Saturday – no later than 7pm.  Nets will be inventoried on Saturday night and coaches will be called if they are not returned by 7pm Saturday.  It is imperative for coaches to return nets after the last Saturday game in case nets are needed for games on Sundays.  Each coach needs to make sure all net equipment and flags are accounted for during take down.


All net bags and flags will be marked with a laminated tag to include field and net size.  Net bags will include all necessary pieces for net setup.  There will be 4 corner flags per field.

Each coach is responsible to do their part to ensure nets and flags are picked up and dropped off timely and complete.  If you find pieces missing or broken, please mark that on the sign in/out sheet in the comment section so we can address timely.

Net pickup and drop off location is at the SSA President’s house.  Please email for address information.

Scores should be reported within 24 by the home team.  The visiting team can record final match score as well.  You will need your official match card and using the in information on it visit the link below.  Retain your paper copy of the game card until the end of the season.