Coach, Manager & Team Registration – for coaches who have been selected by the board to coach for ssa in 2017 and who have completed the team formation process at tryouts.

Coaches do the main portion of their registration directly with our registrars. New coaches, assistant coaches and managers need to create a GotSoccer account by registering themselves. Returning coaches can use THEIR previously established GotSoccer credentials to register or update their personal info for the upcoming season.

NOTE: Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Team Managers create and maintain GotSoccer accounts independent of GotSoccer PLAYER accounts. 

SSA will associate coaches, assistants and managers to the proper teams after registration. This is mandatory and required for the registrars to register the team with the leagues. Coaches benefit because the Got Soccer system will allow you to manage and communicate with your team. SSA will be developing instructions for the communication tools shortly. Until then, feel free to play around with the system.

Team registration Looks Like This:

  • Turn in your roster information sheet to your league registrar (Jean for CCSL, Jayme for NCP & you can contact them here ).
  • Wait for our players to register.
  • All returning and new coaches need to register with GotSoccer here: Coach Registration
  • All returning and new managers need to register with GotSoccer here: Manager Registration
  • —- New Coach and Manager profiles can be created at the above links.
  • NorCal Premier Coaches need to complete the Background and US Soccer Sideline info below if applicable.
  • During the player registration process, coaches and managers SHOULD NOT be deleting players, adding players to their rosters or registering players for parents. If something looks goofy, please CONTACT YOUR REGISTRAR.
  • If something looks goofy with your new team roster, CONTACT YOUR REGISTRAR.
  • CONTACT YOUR REGISTRAR, if something looks goofy with your new team roster, .
  • Coach Packet – Coaches or Managers need to submit a Roster List with their team packet consisting of paper forms and checks for registration fees.  The Roster List should include a record of all players and their payment status.

NorCal Premier (NCP) Coaches and Managers

  • If you hold a US Club Soccer pass that expires 8/01/2018 you are good to go for the upcoming 2017-2018 season. 
  • If you hold a US Club Soccer pass that expires 8/01/2017 or this is your first year as coach or manager with NCP, you need to complete (A) and (B) below. 

(A)  US Soccer Sideline Sports Required Course for new background check applicants (NCP only)

Once the Sideline course is completed with a passing score, you will receive a code.  WRITE THIS CODE DOWN, you will need it to complete your background check.